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about qbin

Hey there, great that you're using qbin, a free Pastebin-like service which wants to to be as minimal (regarding UI, UX and speed) as it can get, without compromising any features or usability.
Documents are stored forever (no guarantees) or until they expire, and the size limit is 1mb.

netcat api

Send a raw TCP stream to qbin: (expires after 7 days)
echo "Hello World" | nc qbin.io 9999

post api

Send a raw POST body, or a form body with a Q parameter to qbin:
echo "Hello World" | curl -FQ=@- qbin.io

HTTP Headers and additional fields:
X-QBIN-Expiry (or the form parameter E): set the expiration period in minutes or one of the units m h d w mo y (default: 14d), or to 0 (zero) for unlimited storage.
X-QBIN-Syntax (or the form parameter S): set the syntax language used for syntax highlighting. qbin supports all languages provided by Highlight.js. Default: try to detect automatically. The value text won't highlight the code at all.
Example: curl -FQ=@- -FE=30m -FS=html qbin.io

more cool stuff

report/remove a document

If you want a document to be removed for whatever reason, just send me a quick message and I'll do my best to remove the content as fast as possible (usually in less than 24 hours)

donate & source

Of course, just in case you really like qbin, I wouldn't say no if you want to buy me a coffee. After all, coffee is a very important resource for any software developer, obviously including myself! :D
Donate via PayPal
Donate via Bitcoin: 1NWJbLZBFwHmznNVmFdAaZhBDt85huKBv

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Thank you very much for your support
- Moritz

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ctrl+v ...or start typing

expiry (ctrl+e)
syntax highlighting: (ctrl+s)

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