The qbin guidelines

Rate Limiting

Our current limits per IP address are: 10 documents per 30 minutes, and 25MB per 24 hours.

Forbidden Content

You must not submit any of the following:

  • Any content related to Spam/Scam of any kind:
    • If you link to qbin from any email, the person must have agreed to receive emails from you.
    • If you link to qbin from any other site, you must fully comply with their guidelines regarding spam.
    • You must not link to qbin from any type of advertisement.
  • Any content that is violates the law in your country, or the German law.
  • Any content created by someone else if he doesn't allow you to redistribute it.
  • Any content that is offensive in any way.
  • Any pornographic content, or links to it.
  • Any content that is contains personal data. This includes addresses, banking information, password lists, password hashes, email lists, and related information.

Content that violates those terms will be removed. We are not liable for any user-submitted content, but will give out IP addresses to the authorities if requested.

Privacy Policy

We will only store the following data about you:

  • Your IP address when submitting a document
  • What browser you're using (User Agent) when submitting a document
  • Contents and metadata (expiration, syntax, upload date/time) of documents you submit